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Personal development at Jericho Primary School

Jericho are proud to be one of six local schools leading the way in a world first wellbeing project named 'Brilliant Cumbria'. Sponsored by and collaborating with Well Whitehaven, Orano, ADAPT the TDA driven by Art of Brilliance Ltd now creating a bespoke  and revolutionary wellbeing program. This unique program encompasses themes of Positive Psychology, wellbeing, resilience, strength, purpose and human flourishing and allows grassroots for children's personal development allowing them to 'do it better than they have to' and adopting a 2%er mindset..

What does it mean to be brilliant? What do our children say??

'It means being brave if something is tough' Logan- Reception


'Everyone at our school is brilliant, teachers ad the children. Teachers have to be kind and take care of us as well as teach us all the things we need to know! They are 2%ers all the time so that we can be our best'- Lily (Year 1)


'We have to step outside our comfort zone, that means trying something new. If you do new things then you can learn lots more'- Zach (Year 1)


'We 'do it better than we have to' because then its always your very best' Chloe (Year 2)


'We all have bouncebackability, this means to try and tray again. It means resilient and determined to achieve something' Ethan (Year 5)



Art of Brilliance- press release

Jericho- How to be brilliant

At Jericho we are 'Brilliant' and know how to be positive, take care of our own wellbeing, demonstrate resilience, and understand the art of human flourishing.

Jericho Primary School Wellbeing Ninjas

Together with 6 local schools we participated in a wellbeing workshop and a day filled with positivity and opportunity to develop skills to become Brilliant Cumbria 'Wellbeing Ninja'. The workshops were delivered by Andy Cope and Will Hussey and developed our skills in mental wealth across our school, community and beyond. We then took these skills out and spread happiness and positivity in our school and local community.

Pupil wellbeing report- Art of Brilliance

Creating the animation- behind the scenes.........

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A thank you to Jericho Primary School