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At Jericho Primary School  we strive to construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. We endeavour to ensure our children begin to take the steps necessary in preparation for independence and adulthood. We recognise that some children have special educational needs or may experience barriers to learning throughout their education. We seek to identify and meet individual needs as early as is possible. We use a variety of resources that are available within school to meet the needs of children across the 4 broad areas of need. Below you will find a range of information that demonstrates our current offer.



Our Special Needs Coordinator is: 


Laura Ball - (


Please contact the main school office if you would like to make an appointment to meet our SENCO.

How we make adaptations at Jericho to the curriculum and learning environment for children with SEND


At Jericho we strive to ensure all our children access our ambitious, high quality curriculum. We recognise that adaptations are a vital part of removing barriers and enabling children with SEN/D to achieve and secure our intended curriculum. Each child with SEN/D will have individual needs assessed and barriers to learning identified. They will then be supported to access our curriculum using a range of adaptations as appropriate. All learning activities within class are planned and adapted to remove barriers and enable children to access learning according to their specific needs. 


We aim to ensure through quality first teaching, targeted intervention and scaffolding the learning gap between peers progressively closes to raise attainment and accelerate progress. We track this through our use of standardised assessments for core curriculum subjects as well as and tracking smaller steps in progress using our small steps curriculum documents.



Jericho SEN/D Provision map

Our Local Offer 2021-22

Further information and signposting about SEND can be found by visiting Cumbria County Council’s local offer, available at:

To keep up to date with developments in Cumbria then visit:

Cumbria SEND Improvment programme- updates can be found here-

Preparing for adulthood milestones