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Staying Safe Online

Parents play a crucial role in ensuring that their children understand the need to use the Internet/mobile devices in an appropriate way.  At school we will take every opportunity to help parents understand the that our children face in terms of online safety.  Through working together we will keep all our children safe online.  

To help us, our online policy set out some key online safety responsibilities for all our parents. 

The key responsibilities for parents are to:


  • support the school in promoting online safety which includes the pupils’ use of the Internet and the school’s use of photographic and video images;
  • read, sign, and promote the Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement  and Ipad agreements.  Parents are then asked to encourage their child to follow it;
  • consult with the school if they have any concerns about their child’s and others’ use of technology;
  • promote positive online safety and model safe, responsible, and positive behaviours in their own use of technology (including on social media) by ensuring that they themselves do not use the Internet/social network sites/other forms of technical communication in an inappropriate or defamatory way;
  • support the school's approach to online safety by not uploading or posting to the Internet any images or details of others without permission and refraining from posting pictures, video or text that could upset, offend, or threaten the safety of any member of the school community or bring the school into disrepute.

Our staff who have responsibility for online safety:

Click the link (yellow writing) below to access information on how we handle online safety concerns.

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the web links below useful.

Online Safety Guide for Parents

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