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Street Tag

We have a very exciting opportunity for all within the Jericho community to come together and show just how great we can be. Street Tag is a brand new initiative in Cumbria, where the aim of the game is to reach as many ‘tags’ as possible, and earn points to put Jericho at its rightful place at the top of the leaderboard!

To take part, all you need is smartphone/tablet, some comfortable trainers and an awesome attitude. Virtual tags have been placed all across Whitehaven, and by walking, running or cycling to as many as you can, you earn points for our Jericho team. The two links below are a great starting point and there is also two attachments to this message – one containing a guide with everything you need to know about Street Tag, and the other containing the QR code you’ll need to sign up.

Once signed up, the app is easy to use. It has an offline mode, so it won’t cost you any money or eat up any data, and you are only able to view yourself on the map – this means that, unlike some social media apps, you are unable to see the location of other players, and they are unable to see your location too.

It’s safe, fun and a great way to spend some time outdoors. I expect that lots of our Jericho 2%ers will smash it, scoring heaps of points for our team, and could even be included in 4 minutes of positivity. Let’s get Jericho to the top of the leaderboard.

If you have any questions regarding Street Tag, please get in contact with Mr Elder via the school office. Happy tagging!